2022 National Braunvieh Sale Catalog

15 NATIONAL BRAUNVIEH SALE • JANUARY 16, 2022 API Index +81.12 TI Index +57.18 OFFERED BY KEITH & KEITH BRAUNVIEH A great open purebred heifer with some old genetics in her pedigree. Back to Admiral, Riss, Quinto, Black Uno, and the 814 cow. She is black and polled. 35 MISS KKB J172 6/21/21 • BAA #PB101798 • Polled KKB J172 • 15/16 Purebred Braunvieh COW CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +9 +2 +45 +58 +13 +36 +0.5 80 763 Weights EPDs BLACK OUT ET MISS KKB A144 ET SBI 4316 ET MCB MR F020 7123 MS VBM G04 MR VBM L51 Indexes Sire Dam API Index +99.21 TI Index +67.27 OFFERED BY STAR RANCH CATTLE Don’t miss an opportunity to invest in a great female that can take your program to the next level just because she was still a little green on picture day. It’s hard to part with such an excellent cow prospect. Annie is a growthy, smooth made, good footed, docile, female with impeccable structure. Her sire STAR Winchester 73 was a unique bull that tested well on Quantum traits and sired the 2020 Fort Worth Jr Show Grand Champion Female with his first calf crop. Maternal grandsire DRR Wizard of Oz needs no introduction making a massive impact on the breed. Grandam KWC MS BULLET M10 produced several champions and left her mark at both Bluebonnet Braunvieh and Star Ranch. Watch our facebook page or Contact us for updated video and pictures. Seller retaining the right to 2 flushes at buyers’ convenience and sellers expense minimum 6 grade 1 embryos. 36 STAR ANNIE OAKLEY 10J 3/20/21 • BAA #PB102210 • Polled STAR 10J • 15/16 Purebred COW CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +12 +0.7 +54 +74 +11 +38 +6.2 83 695 Weights EPDs POLLED DRAGON 51R STAR ELAINE 10E4 ET KWC MS BULLET M10 DRR WIZARD OF OZ U570 AAA WOODRING’S PENELOPE 37P STAR WINCHESTER 73 Indexes Sire Dam STAR ANNIE OAKLEY 10J / LOT 36 2020 FWSSR GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE / Paternal sister to Lot 36 Purebred Opens