2022 National Braunvieh Sale Catalog

3 NATIONAL BRAUNVIEH SALE • JANUARY 16, 2022 API Index +100.01 TI Index +64.78 OFFERED BY WW CATTLE CO.& ELIZABETH STODDARD PB101534 WWLadyAntebellum172J..HomoBlack,HomoPolled.Homo for Leptin,PMCH& IGF2.Acommondenominator inanysuccessfulbreedingprogramisthat it isbuiltonstrongcow families.LadyAntebellumstems fromoneof theoutstandingcowfamiliesof thebreedandone that has already produced such greats as 843U,MyMaria, Gypsy Rose, Dixie LandDelight, BLC Maria,SweetMaria andOurMaria.We feel that not onlywill LadyAntebellumbe added to that listbut shewill beat the topof it. 1 WWLADYANTEBELLUM172J 5/7/21 • BAA #PB101534 • Homo Polled (T) WWCC 172J • 15/16 Purebred COW CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +11.4 -0.4 +47 +60 +7 +30 +3.6 76 Weights EPDs MHF UNDAUNTED U820 ET WW GYPSY ROSE 813F ET WW MS 843U WW CORNERSTONE 921W ET WW MY MARIA 454B BLU BLC JBB DEACON 452D ET Indexes Sire Dam API Index + TI Index + OFFERED BY WW CATTLE CO. Wewere fortunate tohavebeenofferedtheopportunity topurchase theentire frozenembryo inventorywhenFieldstonedecidedtodisperse theireliteBrauviehherd. Ourgain isyourgainaswearesharingthese foundationFullbloodgenetics.Weareofferingabull andheifer from2differentmatings that represent thebest of theFieldstone legacy. 2 WW BIT OF HONEY 130J 3/24/21 • BAA #OB102624 • Horned WWCC 130J • 16/16 Full Blood COW CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +7.3 +1.6 +49 +59 +10 +34 +2 92 Weights EPDs WARREN (2864212) FIELDSTONE HONEY COMB FIELDSTONE FORGET ME NOT ET FIELDSTONE FUERY ET SWISS-WAY TRICIA ET SWISS-WAY CHINOOK 2 Indexes Sire Dam API Index + TI Index + 3 WW NELSON 151J 4/1/21 • BAA #OB102625 • Horned WWCC 151J • 16/16 Full Blood BULL CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +10.4 -0.3 +39 +50 +14 +34 +4.5 90 Weights EPDs GOLD 7175-23 OBERAMT FIELDSTONE’S FINEST ET EURO STAR WHITNEY -ET MARANATHA ARTHUR 4Y GABA 2914-21 NELSON 14582-21 Indexes Sire Dam WWMY MARIA / SISTER TO THE DAM OF LOT 1 WW GYPSY ROSE 813F / DAM OF LOT 1 WW LADY ANTEBELLUM 172J / LOT 1 BLC BLU JBB SWEET MARIA 2021 National Champion Female • Daughter of WWMy Maria 454B SWISS-WAY CHINOOK 2 / Sire of Lot 2 -Fu l l Bl o od Fi e l d s t one Gene t i c sA Family Traddition