2022 National Braunvieh Sale Catalog

6 NATIONAL BRAUNVIEH SALE • JANUARY 16, 2022 MHF XEROX X002 / Sore of Lot 11 DHR XEROX’S AUDRY / LOT 11 AAA WOODRING’S RANGER 11R / Sire of Lot 12 DHR RANGER’S CHRISMA / LOT 12 API Index +108.67 TI Index +71.48 OFFERED BY DIAMOND H RANCH 57G “Xerox’s Audry” BC98621 DOB 9/18/19 BW90 205 Day 745# This grand dam of this ¾ blood Xerox heifer is an Angus that is so good, we’ve flushed her to three different bulls....that says volumes about the foundation of this cow family. 57G was the first calf for her Angus black dam, who is sired by the fullblood “Spur” bull and is a long, phonetypically correct female with a beautiful bag and has weaned an average 679# on her first two (both female) calves. Audry is the second heaviest weaning Xerox calf out of 384 registered calves, and she received NO additional feed outside mamma and grass. We believe you should sell a few of your best...the ones you REALLY want to keep. For us, this is that heifer. 11 DHR XEROX’S AUDRY 9/18/19 • BAA #BC98621 • Polled DHR 57G • 3/4 Beef Builder COW CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +11.7 +1.2 +59 +87 +19 +48 +2.8 90 745 Weights EPDs GLB POLLED PLUS 5003 (NC) ET SLS SPURS MS U5-302 U5-302 DHR ANDREW MHF U850 MHF XEROX X002 Indexes Sire Dam API Index +82.76 TI Index +61.27 OFFERED BY DIAMOND H RANCH A rare opportunity to won a high percentage purebred cow that is a result of a flush of the fabled N52 cow to our Ranger11R Foundation sire. She has done a great job on the Diamond H, with 3 bull calves averaging 205 day wt of 679 and her only heifer weaned at 596. Not much needs to be said about the pedigree, and it expresses itself in her deep flank, broad top and powerful rear quarter. She is AI bred to Black Joker and pasture exposed to our 19E bull, who has weaned dozens of offspring over 700# in a very short career. We would not be selling this girl if we did not have three other full sibs and several more in the tank! 12 DHR RANGER’S CHRISMA C188 ET 4/16/15 • BAA #PB89295 • Polled DHR C188 • 15/16 Purebred COW CED BW WW YW Milk TM CEM Act BW Adj WW Adj YW +9.2 +3.6 +56 +72 +10 +38 +1.7 88 511 Weights EPDs AAA WOODRING’S BLK JOKER ET MISS LLB N52 MISS LLB H852 ET JF GAGE L103 AAA MISS CARLA 34M AAA WOODRING’S RANGER 11R Indexes Sire Dam The Breds