2022 Premier Texas Longhorn Sale Catalog

12 SH SITTIN HOT ROD 68/20 Consigned by Dora Thompson TLBAA No: CI329714 PH No: 68/20 DOB: 2/28/20 SITTIN BULL RIP SAW { JIGSAW 500 SITTIN BULL TC SITTIN DIXIE { HEART OF DIXIE 11/11 Breeding: Not Exposed Comments: OCV’d. If breeding is important to you, she is by Rip Saw, son of Sittin Bull with Jigsaw 500 (total Owen McGill Breeding) on bottom. Rip Saw measures 87-1/2”TTT. She is out of TC Sittin Dixie, a Sittin Bull daughter, making her DOUBLE SITTIN BULL, TRIPLE HUNTS COMMANDS RESPECT. This photo was taken at 19 months. She’s beautifully colored, has a boatload of horn and a great pedigree. Rip Saw has had many good horned, colorful daughters and throws a lot of horn. His offspring usually really begin putting on horn at two years and then keep going. LOT 9 JEST PLAYIN POSSUM BBR Consigned by Brazos Bend Ranch TLBAA No: CI321567 PH No: 9/9 DOB: 11/11/19 JOE KID JASON KIDD { ROBIN 33 HEADLINER FF248 JP WANNA TALK ABOUT ME { 3W LEGENDS COUTRY ERIN Breeding: Not Exposed Comments: OCV’d. Jest Playin Possum is unexposed and a daughter of our herd sire, Jason Kidd. Jason Kidd is a grandson of the great cow Jester, 90+ of triple twist. We are so pleased with how Jason Kidd is adding lots of color, more horn and bone to every cow he is bred to. This beautiful black and white heifer has triple twist horn genetics on both sides of her pedigree. Give her time!! LOT 10 FAVORITE BLUE JEANS Consigned by Matthew J Durkin TLBAA No: CI326934 PH No: 315/0 DOB: 3/15/20 CV CASANOVAS MAGNUM MAGNUM STAR FORCE { KINETIC MOTION OF STARS HOT PLAYBOY FADED BLUE JEANS { CMP BLUE PHYLLIS Breeding: Exposed to Force of an Angel 3/1/2021 through 1/1/2022 Comments: OCV’d. We are proud to make this first offering from Magnum Star Force. She is a well bred heifer with heavy bases. She is exposed to our junior herd sire, Force of an Angel, who is a son of Magnum Star Force. Pregnancy status announced at sale. LOT 11 SILVER NICKEL Consigned by Kurt and Glenda Twining TLBAA No: CI326726 PH No: 197 DOB: 12/10/19 CV COWBOY CASANOVA CV CALL OF DUTY { FL RIO MAXINE BOOT HEEL 45 SD MONEY { MS. TWENTY GRAND Breeding: Not Exposed Comments: OCV’d. Great Call of Duty heifer that you can take home to breed to a bull of your choice. Her dam was a mid 80’s TTT, grey and white cow and Call of Duty is 85”TTT/108” TH. Her pedigree is stacked with Maximus, Cowboy Chex, Cowboy Casanova, HCR, Rio Maxine, and Hayseed. She is sweet and child friendly. LOT 12 t t t t t t