2022 Premier Texas Longhorn Sale Catalog

BCR RODEO TARI 809 Consigned by Bull Creek Longhorns TLBAA No: CAI315482 PH No: 809 DOB: 5/7/18 PEACEMAKER 44 COWBOY CHEX { BL POCO BUENO EL GOVENADOR ECR UNICA { ECR TARI’S FABULOSA Breeding: Exposed to WS Vindicator 7/26/2021 through 1/1/2022 Comments: OCV’d. Rodeo Tari is a very pretty heifer that has had one heifer calf and is pregnant now to WS Vindicator, due in May 2022. She has sound feet and udder. Did a good job with her first calf. She measured 65.5” in September 2021, with beautiful twisting horn and black tips. She is a very calm, sweet natured cow and easy to work with. DG SADDLE DALLY DOWN Consigned by Dale and Gina Francisco TLBAA No: CI331810 PH No: 1118 DOB: 6/7/18 SADDLE TRAMP 601 SADDLEHORN { FOOTLOOSE 526 MUSTAFIA EOT 10/7 DG IZA MUSTA { EOT OUTBACK GLIMMER 619 Breeding: Exposed to DG Cold Cash 4/30/2021 through 7/4/2021 Comments: OCV’d. Saddlehorn daughter, all colored up with his typical slant to horns. Blood tested confirmed bred to our homozygous dilution gene bull for a spring calf that should be Grulla. Calf will have Zabaco, Boomerific, Bandera Chex and Little Ace Lobo OVER Saddlehorn (Top Caliber and Hashbrown and Kello Chex), Mustafia EOT, Boomerang and BH Lil Coyote. Young cow to build with that should give you a flashy calf. DGLonghornranch.com BCR MISS MESQUITE 339 Consigned by Mike and Pat Mills TLBAA No: CI287373 PH No: 339 DOB: 10/13/13 PPF GUN MAKER STARBASE COMMANDER { LADY DIXIE ECLAIR’S COMMANDER { DON JULIO ECR JULIO’S ECLAIRE 213 { SUNDAY SENSATION DON JULIO EL MESQUITE ECR { TARI GRAVES FM49 SPECKLED MESQUITE { GUN SMOKE LLL SPECKLES { EOT OVERLORD’S NUGGET Breeding: Exposed to PCL Iron Savage 1/1/2021 through sale date Comments: OCV’d. BCR Miss Mesquite 339 is a colorful, big horn cow. She has over 106” of total horn. Mesquite is laid back, easy to work and a real traffic stopper. She’s a great milker and raises a solid calf. 15 t t t t t t LOT 21 LOT 22 LOT 23 SERVICE SIRE PCL IRON SAVAGE SIRE ECLAIR’S COMMANDER DAM SPECKLED MESQUITE PATERNAL GRANDDAM ECR JULIO’S ECLAIRE 213