2022 Premier Texas Longhorn Sale Catalog

22 RJF RAINMAKER Consigned by Michael and Elizabeth Fritz TLBAA No: CI285254 PH No: 26/11 DOB: 6/10/11 J.R. GRAND SLAM JP RIO GRANDE { TX W LUCKY LADY DUPREE CHEX 792 { BUENO CHEX POCO LADY BL { LADY LITE DON JULIO JULIO’S THUNDER { TARI’S TRANSITION WS RAINBOW { CIRCLE K DONOVAN JAMOCA { MISS WIDESPREAD 174/61 Breeding: Exposed to Happy 9 from 2/21/2021 through 9/11/2021 Comments: OCV’d. RJF Rainmaker has a beautiful, swooping horn shape with plenty of tip-to-tip. She passes along her great build and color to her offspring and is a pleasure in the pasture. We have two beautiful daughters and have exposed Rainmaker again to Happy 9. J J J J J J LOT 42 2BAR2 BRAVO Consigned by Pat Ivicic TLBAA No: CI309567 PH No: 118 DOB: 1/7/18 CONCEALED WEAPON RRR DAGGER’S EDGE 302 { RRR BOOMER’S CHARM 415 RIO GRANDE CHEX BRR GRAND ILLUSION { RR ELUSIVE BRINDLE Breeding: Bull calf at side born 11-9-21 by Delta Lucky Ace. Comments: OCV’d. Bravo is one total package female that has tremendous horn growth, beautiful, brindle color, lots of leg and length and should have a calf by Delta Lucky Ace before sale date. ZBar2 Ranch is getting out of the business and stop breeding their cows, so Russell took the elite cows and bred Bravo to Ace for her very first calf. We believe Bravo’s genetics are the best of the best. She will be an elite cow in any breeding program. LOT 43 MK BOBBI’S CALL Consigned by MK Cattle Company TLBAA No: CI314606 PH No: 32 DOB: 9/10/17 CV COWBOY CASANOVA CV CALL OF DUTY { FL RIO MAXINE TOUCHDOWN OF RM HH BOBBI’S TD { 7LS BOBBI’S MIKEY Breeding: Heifer calf at side born 7-7-21 by HL Samurai’s Rainmaker. Exposed to RM High Hopes 8/1/2021 through 10/11/2021 Comments: OCV’d. This beautiful heavy horned girl measured 74” on her fourth birthday, putting on 3.25” of horn in the last 5 months before turning four. Loaded with great genetics on the top and bottom, including Call of Duty, Touchdown and Iron Mike. She has a great black heifer calf, sired by HL Samurai’s Rainmaker. Exposed to RM High Hopes. LOT 44 t t t t t t DAM WS RAINBOW PATERNAL GRANDDAM POCO LADY BL MATERNAL GRANDDAM JAMOCA SERVICE SIRE HAPPY 9