2022 Premier Texas Longhorn Sale Catalog

24 BCR FANTASTIC 799 Consigned by Ironwood Ranch - Kirk and Renee’ Phillips TLBAA No: C311790 PH No: 799 DOB: 9/19/17 VJ TOMMIE (AKA UNLIMITED) HOUSTON SOLUTION 111 { COUNTRY GIRL CAMINO REAL ECR { MR. GRAVES TARI GRAVES FM49 { TEXAS TARI FM610 PHENOMENON DON JULIO { DELTA DIAMOND ECR TARI’S FANTASIA { MR. GRAVES TARI GRAVES FM49 { TEXAS TARI FM610 Breeding: Exposed to Bob Lee BCR 934 5/24/2021 through 10/31/2021 Comments: OCV’d. BCR Fantastic is one of the prettiest, most feminine cows you will find. She is out of the famous El Coyote Ranch breeding program with Camino Real ECR on top and Taris Fantasia ECR on bottom so you have those fantastic Tari Graves genetics on both sides. She has a good udder and produces ample milk. Fantastic is an attentive mother and easy keeper. Beautiful red with white blaze and nice lateral black tipped horns. Fantastic measured 62 3/8” TTT in September 2021. She is confirmed bred to Bob Lee BCR 934, a two time Horn Showcase Class TTT winner with measurement of 74 3/16” at 26 months. She is due early March 2022. D D D EEEE LOT 48 BCR LIL MORE GRAVY 692 Consigned by Bull Creek Longhorns TLBAA No: CTI304193 PH No: 692 DOB: 9/26/16 COWBOY CHEX COWBOY CATCHIT CHEX { BL RIO CATCHIT EMPEROR LITTLE TARI { TARI GRAVES FM49 Breeding: Exposed to WS Vindicator 8/27/2021 through 1/10/2022 Comments: OCV’d. Gravy is an absolutely beautiful young cow. She is an easy fleshing, deep, long bodied with a beautiful hip and perfect udder with 4 equal quarters. She is an easy keeper and has good feet. Great mama. Gravy is a sweet cow and easy to work. She has an impeccable pedigree. Her horns measure mid 70’s with a beautiful twist. She is pregnant to WS Vindicator for a spring calf that should bring in some great color. LOT 49 t t t t t t SERVICE SIRE BCR BOB LEE DAM ECR TARI’S FANTASIA 2020 CALF IWR CAPTAIN FANTASTIC MATERNAL GRANDDAM TARI GRAVES FM49