2022 Premier Texas Longhorn Sale Catalog

26 JM PATSY RAYONA Consigned by Steve Hollywood TLBAA No: CI311381 PH No: 305 DOB: 12/14/16 RESPECT ME HELM VALIANT GOLD { 585 GOLDENROD LP SOMBRAH TB BOLD NELLIE { LP BOLD TREASURE’S BOOTY Breeding: Exposed to Dunn Wildfire 6/22/2021 through 9/1/2021 Comments: OCV’d. Beautiful well-tempered heifer with lots of total horn. Exposed to our young herd sire, Dunn Wildfire. Wildfire has an exceptional bloodline: Sire - Investment, Dam - Dunn Lucky Penny (measures over 100 inches tip to tip). Updated measurement and breeding confirmation at auction. LOT 52 GP COMMANDO’S ROSE Consigned by HL Ranch TLBAA No: CI306733 PH No: 12 DOB: 8/30/16 J.R. GRAND SLAM BIG RED HR { LLL ROSEMARY WF COMMANDO HR MANCHA { WATSON 426 Breeding: Exposed to RM High Hopes 6/25/2021 through 10/1/2021 Comments: OCV’d. A big horned Kent Harrell bred cow. She is thick, slick and solid. Fabulous genetics, then toss in RM High Hopes (88.25 TTT) to sweeten the package. Her current Tip to Tip and breeding will be announced at sale. As Eddie would say, “boys, help yourselves.” LOT 53 M ARROW CHANCE’S TRIXIE Consigned by Kurt and Glenda Twining TLBAA No: CI304242 PH No: 636 DOB: 5/14/16 COWBOY CHEX CHANCE 53/13 { ZD DELTA SLICK’S PETITE DH RED RANGER M ARROW TRIXIE { SPECK’S BETSY ROSS Breeding: Exposed to Heart Breaker 6/1/2021 to sale. Comments: OCV’d. Just a really solid cow and easy keeper. We are retaining two Heartbreaker heifers from her. On the top side you have Cowboy Chex and ZD Delta Slick’s Petite - all over 80 TTT. Bottom side you have DH Red Ranger and M Arrow Trixie - great genetics. Bred back to Heart Breaker (88 TTT) for potentially her third heifer in a row. LOT 54 MISS THERESA ANN SRC Consigned by Mike MacLeod TLBAA No: CAI303877 PH No: 2/7 DOB: 2/15/17 WS JAMAKIZM DRAG IRON { SHINING VICTORY COWBOY TUFF CHEX TUFF HILLARY SRC { BL RIO SAFARI Breeding: Bull calf at side born 10-10-21 by Safari Tuff SRC. Exposed to Safari Tuff SRC 10/10/2021 through 1/13/2022 Comments: OCV’d. Study the genetics of Theresa Ann! She is a Drag Iron daughter of the well-known Tuff Hillary SRC, (a Cowboy Chex daughter), which sold for $20,000 a few years ago. Theresa Ann has a very beautiful bull calf by Safari Tuff SRC (making this calf double bred by Cowboy Tuff Chex) and she is exposed back the same way for a possible 3N1 package. LOT 55 t t t t t t