2022 Premier Texas Longhorn Sale Catalog

7 t t t t t t SPECIAL DONATION LOT A SAMPLE BENCHES CUSTOM BENCHES BENEFITING THE BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP FUND Consigned by Diamond Cain Ranch Comments: Beautiful and sturdy, these custom benches will work for any space, indoor or out. Perfect patio or garden seating. Great to have around the barn or stables. Will be customized as the buyer chooses and may include name, ranch name, brand, etc. There are several available so raise your hand to support the Longhorn youth scholarship fund and gain a great, customized piece of wood furniture for your ranch! SELLERS: Must be active members, in good standing of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America. BIDDING: Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder with reserve. BIDDING DISPUTES: The auctioneer in charge will settle any disputes as to bids, and his decision on such matters shall be final. TERMS: Terms of the sale are cash or check to the clerk at the conclusion of the sale. Checks are to be made payable to Lemley Auction Services. POSSESSION: Immediately after the animal is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer thereof, but possession cannot be obtained by buyer until payment is made. CERTIFICATES: A TLBAA certificate of registration will be furnished and transferred to the purchaser on each lot in the sale, excluding calves at side. HEALTH: Individual state requirements should be considered by bidders before purchasing. BREEDING GUARANTEE: Breeder guarantees are strictly between the individual consignor and the purchaser at the sale. All calves at side are given to the purchaser free and carry no guarantee. NOTICE: The purchaser must look to the seller for fulfillment of all guarantees and representations made hereunder. PEDIGREES: The information on the pedigrees of the animals announced has been furnished by the seller. ANNOUNCEMENTS: All announcements from the auction block shall take precedence over information printed in the catalog. LIABILITY: All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk. Sale manager and anyone connected with the sale assumes no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents that may occur. CONTRACT: The above terms and guarantees shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal sold. No cattle loaded up until after the sale. All cattle must be out by Noon Sunday. BUYER RESPONSIBILITY: Prospective buyers or bidders at the sale should listen carefully to all announcements made from the auction block by the auctioneer, pedigree reader or seller on each animal that is sold. Buyers should also acquaint themselves with terms concerning the breeding status, fertility and health papers on each animal sold. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of health regulations for transportation of animals into the state of their residence. By so doing, a buyer can save himself many problems and also enable himself to be a more competent and qualified buyer. 2022 Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic Sale Terms & Conditions SPECIAL DONATION LOT B - ASSORTED SEMEN BENEFITING THE BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIP FUND Donated by Don Huber See flyers at sale and E-blasts prior for details about available straws!