FWSSR 2022 Spring Newsletter

YOUNG GUNS SHINE AT COWBOYS OF COLOR RODEO Youth ruled at the Cowboys of Color Rodeo this year as competitors considered mere “kids” by their peers won the bull riding and tie-down roping titles at the popular rodeo featured each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Colton Burkhard hails from Ivanhoe, Texas and just three years ago was a junior steer riding competitor at the Stock Show. But the young man stepped up against the big boys and won the bull riding title and a $5,000 check. Last summer, Koby Douch was a student competing at the National High School Rodeo Finals in Gillette, Wyo. The youngster from Huntsville, Texas took the grit and determination he honed there and other life experiences to muster a win in Dickies Arena. The other “life experiences” could have been major stumbling blocks. At age 13, Douch was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a distracted driver. The impact crushed an artery and broke two major bones in his left leg. Determined, Douch persevered and was eventually back roping calves and living his dream of chasing major rodeo titles. NBC5 reporter, Noelle Walker, captured the essence of the Cowboys of Color Rodeo with this popular story that ran, not only locally, but on stations across Texas. WENDELL HEARN TALKS COWBOYS OF COLOR BULLS NIGHT OUT IS UNDOUBTEDLY XTREME! Tremendous genetics and careful trait selection has elevated, more and more, the athletic ability of bucking bulls to unparalleled heights. So much that the improvement in bovine performance has outpaced advancement in the skills and talents of their riders. The net result – fewer men today make the eight-second ride. But, when they do, it’s nothing short of spectacular, making bull riding one of the most thrilling of all professional sports. Grayson Cole completed one of those spectacular rides on the first night (Tuesday) of the Stock Show’s Bulls’ Night Out Xtreme Bull Riding on a bull named “Farmers Only.” Out of 40 riders on Tuesday, Cole was one of only four qualified rides in the first round. None of the four athletes rode their bull for the full eight seconds in the short round that evening. Wednesday night’s performance was even tougher with only Stetson Wright and Josh Frost earning a score in the first round. Both, however, rode their short round bull where Wright marked a 90 score on Rafter G’s Johnny Thunder and Frost earned an 86.5. Their rides earned them first and second places overall with Cole coming in third with the highest score overall in the first go round. GRAYSON COLE’S 90 POINT RIDE STETSON WRIGHT’S 90 SCORE WINS BNO TITLE 8 Koby Douch Presented By: Presented by: